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Minimalist Golden Serpent Bracelet

Minimalist Golden Serpent Bracelet

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18k gold plated stainless steel


wrist sizes ranging from 13.5 to 16 cm


We're thrilled to present our latest addition, the "Minimalist Golden Serpent Bracelet". Made from robust stainless steel, this enticing piece is then veiled in a layer of radiant 18K gold. Thanks to the meticulous gold plating, this dainty bracelet remains resilient to water contact, ensuring its luxurious sheen never fades or discolors.

The remarkable feature of this gold bracelet is its surface, uniformly engraved into small cubes, resembling the flexible spine of a serpent. This design infuses a unique, dynamic charm into the bracelet, making it a standout piece in any jewelry collection. This dainty gold bracelet comfortably fits wrist sizes ranging from 13.5 to 16 cm, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort and style.

Inspired by the sinuous grace and adaptability of serpents, our design embodies the concept of "Rhythmic Resilience". The cubic engravings mimic a serpent's spine, a symbol of flexibility and strength. This design encourages the wearer to embrace life's challenges with adaptability and resilience, just as a serpent navigates through different terrains with ease. The gold plating symbolizes the endurance of one's will, shining brightly despite the odds.

Seize this rare opportunity! For a limited period, we're offering the "Minimalist Golden Serpent Bracelet" at an exclusive price. Wrap your wrist in this symbol of resilience and shine with strength and grace. Remember, true beauty thrives in adaptation and endurance. Don't hesitate, adorn yourself with this golden marvel today!


For gold-plated jewelry, it is best to avoid wearing the jewelry in the shower or the pool. Avoid getting the jewelry wet frequently and avoid any exposure with harsh chemicals, lotions, or soaps.
All jewelries are TARNISH RESISTANT, they still require more care in order to prolong the life. When they are not in use, store them in the box or bag it comes with and put it away in a dry and dark area.


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