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Elegant Pearl Cascade S925 Silver Butterfly Necklace

Elegant Pearl Cascade S925 Silver Butterfly Necklace

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925 sterling silver, natural freshwater pearls




Introducing the Elegant Pearl Cascade S925 Silver Butterfly Necklace, an embodiment of grace and sophistication from our Deja vu Jewellery collection. This necklace features a harmonious blend of natural pearls and small silver beads strung together in an elegant cascade. Each pair of pearls is interspersed with a pure silver bead, adding a touch of sparkle to the necklace's organic beauty.

The necklace fastens with an OT clasp made of pure S925 silver, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. An enchanting silver butterfly charm dangles from the O part of the clasp, adding a whimsical touch to this exquisite piece.

The necklace measures 47cm in length, a versatile size that suits various styles and occasions. Crafted with care and precision, the Elegant Pearl Cascade S925 Silver Butterfly Necklace epitomizes the blend of natural elegance and artisanal craftsmanship that Deja vu Jewellery is known for.

The Elegant Pearl Cascade S925 Silver Butterfly Necklace is inspired by the serene beauty of nature, combining the pure elegance of pearls with the delightful charm of a butterfly. Pearls symbolize wisdom, integrity, and loyalty, while butterflies represent transformation and joy, making this necklace not only a stunning accessory but also a meaningful talisman.

At Deja vu Jewellery, we believe in creating pieces that resonate with our customers' individuality and style. Experience the allure of nature's beauty with the Elegant Pearl Cascade S925 Silver Butterfly Necklace, a testament to our exceptional craftsmanship and creativity.


Sterling silver is a precious mental and may require cleaning from time to time. Using the polish cloth given gently rub the silver several times, rinse the silver thoroughly in warm water and then carefully dry. This will remove the tarnish and dullness, keeping your sterling silver like new. When you are not wearing your piece, you can store it in the pouch provided to help minimize tarnishing. Please note, chorine and bleach accelerate tarnishing and should be avoided.


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