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Cosmic Arc Sterling Silver Ring

Cosmic Arc Sterling Silver Ring

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925 sterling silver, cubic zirconia


US size 6 (52mm)


Journey into the vast expanse of the universe with our exquisite "Cosmic Arc" star ring. Fashioned from 925 Sterling Silver, this statement ring exemplifies the harmonious blend of a minimalist and chunky ring, capturing the sublime contours of a celestial curve in its unique semi-circular design. The arc proudly displays seven meticulously carved stars, with each one cradling a rainbow-hued zirconia, making it appear as though a fragment of the galaxy is resting upon the wearer's finger.

Sporting an open design, this waterproof ring allows the celestial-inspired arc and stars to sit gracefully on the finger, offering a stellar representation of the heavens and fitting comfortably on a US Size 6 (52mm) finger. The interplay of stars and zirconia gives this piece the charm of a dainty ring while maintaining its bold presence, making it an ideal choice among rings for women.

Drawing inspiration from the endless mysteries of the cosmos, the "Cosmic Arc" acts as a tribute to celestial bodies. The seven stars symbolize life's multifaceted journey, emotions, and the myriad hues of our existence. The varied zirconia colors serve as a testament to our individuality, emphasizing that even under the vast sky, every star – every individual – has a unique gleam.

The "Cosmic Arc" isn't merely a piece of jewelry; it's a daily touch of the celestial, a constant reminder of the universe's grandeur and our cherished place within it. Whenever you adorn this unique ring, let it serve as a reminder of your unparalleled sparkle amidst the cosmos. Perfect as a gift for her or a special treat for oneself, it encapsulates the awe and wonder of the galaxies. Whether you're searching for a best friend gift or a personal keepsake, the "Cosmic Arc" is an ode to the cosmos, inviting you to embrace the universe, one star at a time.


Whether you're finding your perfect fit or surprising someone with a gift, our size guide points you in the right direction. Let's see how you measure up.

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Sterling silver is a precious mental and may require cleaning from time to time. Using the polish cloth given gently rub the silver several times, rinse the silver thoroughly in warm water and then carefully dry. This will remove the tarnish and dullness, keeping your sterling silver like new. When you are not wearing your piece, you can store it in the pouch provided to help minimize tarnishing. Please note, chorine and bleach accelerate tarnishing and should be avoided.


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