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Dazzling Duo S925 Silver Pendant

Dazzling Duo S925 Silver Pendant

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Secondary colour


925 sterling silver, natural cubic zirconia


length: 11.7 mm
Width: 8.8 mm


Introducing the "Dazzling Duo", a versatile piece from Deja vu Jewellery. This pendant, available in both black and white gem styles, is crafted from 925 silver and features a high-quality rectangular Cubic zirconia as its centerpiece.

The pendant's special cutting process gives it a shiny, dazzling appearance. It is further enhanced by a circle of small white Cubic zirconia, adding an extra layer of sparkle. Whether paired with a simple chain necklace or a pearl necklace, this pendant serves as the perfect finishing touch. The pendant measures 8.8mm in width and 11.7mm in height.

"Dazzling Duo" draws inspiration from the timeless elegance of precious gems. The Cubic zirconia, with its brilliant sparkle, symbolizes clarity and strength, while the 925 silver setting represents durability and elegance. This piece is not just an accessory, but a celebration of the beauty found in contrast and harmony.

Experience the allure of the "Dazzling Duo". This pendant is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a statement of style, a nod to timeless elegance, and a testament to your unique taste. Don't just wear any accessory, choose a piece that speaks to your style. Order the "Dazzling Duo" now and let its sparkle illuminate your look.


Sterling silver is a precious mental and may require cleaning from time to time. Using the polish cloth given gently rub the silver several times, rinse the silver thoroughly in warm water and then carefully dry. This will remove the tarnish and dullness, keeping your sterling silver like new. When you are not wearing your piece, you can store it in the pouch provided to help minimize tarnishing. Please note, chorine and bleach accelerate tarnishing and should be avoided.


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